Brand and Generic Drug Industry Updates

Mylan has announced price  increases on chlorthalidone, diltiazem er, estradiol transdermal patch, etidronate, ketoprofen er 200mg, methyldopa w/hctz, pentoxifylline, perphenazine w/amitriptyline, timolol maleate. They are also discontinuing etoposide and pindolol.


Sun Pharma completes purchase of controlling interest in Taro


Mylan has obtained a temporary restraining order that prohibits Apotex from “using, offering to sell, selling or shipping or otherwise launching … or importing” all three strengths of generic  Paxil CR. The order also prohibits GlaxoSmithKline from supplying Apotex with a generic version of the product. The court has scheduled further        hearings on the matter for Oct. 18.


Watson announces a price increase on potassium chloride 8meq and 10meq capsules effective 10/20


Ranbaxy has received final FDA approval for their exclusive 75mg strength of “Doxycycline Monohydrate Caps..” Product is available to ship immediately


Pending change in monograph from Rx to OTC, Prasco will no longer market Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Tablets after current supplies have been depleted.

Perrigo is hoping to launch the otc version in January or February of next year

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