Possible 2013 Product Launches

Product Exp. Date Brand Sales Additional Information
Aciphex 8-May $1.1 billion Teva and Dr. Reddy have agreed to a shared exclusivity plan for marketing the generic version, though the latter was the “first to file”
Concerta 14-Jul $1.2 billion Licensing agreement – Teva and Impax
Cymbalta 11-Dec $3.3 billion Impax & Wockhardt “first to file” Peditaric extension
Delsym first quarter Perrigo
Exalgo 15-Nov Settlement agreement, Under terms of the settlement agreement, Mallinckrodt has granted Watson a royalty-free license to U.S. patents relating to Exalgo®.
Humalog 7-May $2.52 Billion
Lidoderm Patch 15-Sep Watson “first to file” + settlement agreement with Endo
Neupogen November Teva – settlment agrrement with Amgen
Temodar 11-Aug $1.1 billion Teva – Settlement agreement with Merck
Vivelle-Dot 16-Dec $240 million Mylan said it settled a patent lawsuit filed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
Zometa 2-Mar
Zomig 2.5mg 14-May
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