Temporarily Discontinued & Unavailable Products

Effective immediately, MATZIM LA TAB 30 counts will be temporarily unavailable. All 30 count inventory has been exhausted. All backorders for the 30 count will be canceled. Product will be available in the 90 count to fulfill orders.


Aurobindo has temporarily discontinued Cefpodoxime Tablets


Effective immediately, Wockhardt USA LLC has discontinued Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate Oral Solution 2mg/5mL 473mL.


Glenmark has temporarily discontinued Fosinopril


For a period of time, Sandoz will be   unable to supply the Lansoprazole 15mg 100 ODT and Lansoprazole 30mg 100 ODT


The Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) published its long awaited final rule in the Federal Register today (76 Fed. Reg. 77,330 (Dec. 12, 2011)) placing carisoprodol into schedule IV of the federal Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”).  Federal scheduling of carisoprodol follows control of the drug by eighteen states around the country.  Effective January 12, 2012, DEA’s placement pertains to carisoprodol (widely distributed under the trade name of Soma®), and its salts, isomers and salts of isomers.


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